# External Services

Some services make sense to use off the shelf.

# Production


reCAPTCHA (opens new window) is a Google run captcha service.

All captchas used in WBStack are currently reCaptcha captchas.

# Mailgun

Mailgun (opens new window) is a for profit API based email solution.

All email from WBStack comes from Mailgun.

Dashboard: https://app.eu.mailgun.com/app/sending/domains/mail.wbstack.com

# Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt (opens new window) is a non-profit certificate authority run by Internet Security Research Group.

All HTTPs certificates for WBStack come from Let's Encrypt

# Development

# Github

Github (opens new window) is primarily used for source control, continuous integration, container image building and hosting. This docs site is also hosted on Github!

# Netlify

Some code repositories make use of Netlify (opens new window) for PR branch hosting.