# Introduction

WBStack was created and launched in 2019 on the wbstack.com domain by Addshore.

The current deployment of this platform is wikibase.cloud (opens new window) by Wikimedia Deutschland.

The project provides a shared platform for Wikibase and other relevant services such as a Query service, Quickstatements, and more.

Users of individual wikis need not manage the technology or perform upgrades; they are all handled centrally.

You can read the original announcement post here (opens new window) and can watch the original live demo here 📺 (opens new window).

The code was open sourced in 2020 (opens new window).

wbstack.com has since been sunset (opens new window) and a new service setup by Wikimedia Deutschland at wikibase.cloud (opens new window).

The WBStack name lives on representing the technology and open source code bases that provide the wikibase.cloud service today.