# Ingress

An NGINX ingress is currently used.

Ingress (opens new window) is a Kubernetes concept that exposes HTTP and HTTPS routes from outside the cluster to services within the cluster.

The ingress attaches to a LoadBalancer provided by Google Cloud.

We deploy this chart (opens new window) which deploys this service (opens new window). The changelog for the service can be found here (opens new window).


  1. The internet makes requests through a cloud provided load balancer.
  2. That load balancer passes all requests through to the Ingress on Kubernetes.
  3. The Ingress terminates HTTPs and routes traffic to the appropriate service.

# Update notes

Guidance for updating to new versions of the helm chart.

  • Find a new version of the chart to update to
  • Read the RELNOTES of the chart and also the service if needed
    • You can figure out if the service changes byt doing helmfile diff
  • helmfile apply the update
  • Make sure the ingress points still load